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a list of what i want from the summer of 2011.

here is a list of things i’d like to do this summer. if you have access to any of the following or would like to join me or aggressively help put these plans into action, speak now. i’m listening.

  1. to be on a boat. hopefully for some daylight hours, and some night.
  2. a road trip. to anywhere. you pick.
  3. somewhere outdoors, with live music, with someone who likes to dance.
  4. a barbeque. i’m a vegetarian (i’ll bring the soy dogs and veggie burgers) but i really want a gritty outdoor americana beer pong barbeque. take me to it.
  5. to see something that can only be seen rarely (e.g.: an art installation, a once-every-seventy-six-years comet.)
  6. a sangria potluck party where everyone brings pitchers of their own homemade sangria and we have blindfolded taste tests and pick a winner! (maybe this will just be my birthday party.)
  7. a super amazing birthday. to make up for last year’s.
  8. the coney island freak show. there i said it. always wanted to peek inside.
  9. an outdoor slumber party, whether it’s in the woods or on my roof.
  10. a bit of romance. some nibbling. a flower in the teeth with the thorns shaved off. that same flower skimming down a naked stomach. something that doesn’t hurt anyone involved, anymore. something that’s a secret because it’s special, not because it’s wrong. 
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